Albania, Pune

Accreditations: JCI Approved Doctors: 300 Beds: 120
International Patient Services: Yes
Languages: English,Hindi,Marathi,Malyalam,Punjabi,Kannada,Tamil,Oriya,Arabic

INAMDAR MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL - Pune is an endeavor to alleviate suffering of patients, by providing the best of healthcare at an optimal cost. A multi-speciality hospital that is centrally located and adorned with state-of –the-art infrastructure and an eminent panel of doctors is in a nutshell what we are all about. A highly sophisticated set up and a panel of super specialists functioning smoothly in a culture of care, commitment, dedication and concern.
Commitment to excellence and giving the patients and attendants, homely and secured facilities ensuring a speedy recovery. We understand the importance of your time. Administering a drug at regular intervals or the prompt emergency care, our forte is precise time management which is important in healthcare.

We have the following facilities:-

  1. 6 fully equipped operation theatres with Bio air conditioning.
  2. Medical ICU.
  3. Surgical/Pediatric ICU.
  4. Neo-natal ICU.
  5. IVF laboratory fully equipped.
  6. State of the Art Cath-Lab with ICCU and a team of cardiologist available 24x7.
  7. Bone Marrow Transplant, Dialysis Unit
  8. General ward, Semi Private, Private, & Deluxe rooms.
  9. A panel of doctors, super-specialists in every stream.
  10. An ultra modern wellness centre for all health check-ups.
  11. We offer personalized care to our patient to fulfill all their needs under a single roof.
  12. Our dedicated nursing staff provides services with personal touch and tender loving care.

Inamdar multispecialty hospital offers new age diagnostic facility with

  • Digital x-rays.
  • Alpha 6 Ultrasound Sonography- latest in the city.
  • 2D echo.
  • Stress test.
  • EEG & EMG
  • NCV & BERA
  • ECG check-up.
  • Vital Jacket (24x7 ECG Monitor),
  • Digital Pulmonary Function Test (PFT).
  • We have an excellent computerized laboratory for all pathological tests.
  • We also have an 8 slice CT scan. The largest in this part of town.
  • We have a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine round the clock service. The largest in this part of town.
  • All the above diagnostic services are offered 24x7 and we also have emergency medical services which are prompt and are serviced by doctors trained for emergency medical care, and a Fully Equipped Cardiac Ambulance.

Clinical Courses Offered: -

  • Certificate in Gyneac & Obstetrics,
  • Certificate in Child Health,
  • Certificate in Skin Venereal Disease,
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research, and
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medical Services (EMS course also offered for the Non Medical background personnel as well).
  • Value added Service:
  • Well equipped Physiotherapy centre with trained doctors,
  • Prompt Mediclaim and Billing services
  • Free Home Delivery of Pharmacy
  • Complete Executive Health Check up Centre

Single sitting Joint replacement of both Hips & Knees, (The diseased Hip & Knee Joint were replaced in a single sitting- One Surgery)

Double Valve replacement surgery of Heart – An Unusual Case, (Two valves of the Heart were operated & replaced in a single surgery)

Atrial Skeptal Defect with no incision and no scar, (Hole in Heart which was closed)

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomies- Minimal Invasive Surgery with 4 Stitches (Removal of Uterus done laparoscopically with just 4 Stitches & reduced hospitalization)

Operated a 7 liter of Cyst, (A major cyst containing 7 liters of fluid was removed successfully)

Bone Marrow transplant for patients who suffered with bone cancer, are happy & healthy and all of them are doing well.

A 42yr old lady conceived the pregnancy and now the success rate for IVF cases has increased to 50%.

  • ACL Repair
  • Anal Dilatation
  • Anterior Cervical Dissectomy
  • Appendisectomy
  • Appendisectomy (Open)
  • Arterial Thrombolysis
  • Arthroscopy ACL (Knee)
  • Arthroscopy ACL Reconstruction + Partial Menisectomy
  • AV Fistula
  • B/L Auroplasty
  • B/L FESS
  • B/L Inguinal Hernia
  • B/L Turbinate Reduction
  • Bed Sore Debridement & PEG
  • Bilateral Turbinate Reduction
  • Bome Marrow Aspiration with Lumbar Drainage
  • Bonew Marrow Aspiration + Lumbar Drain
  • Breast Abscess (I & D)
  • Burn Debridement
  • Burn Dressing
  • Burns Dressing (Right Lower Limb)
  • Burr Hole
  • C/R Left Radius #
  • C/R with Cast (Left Hand)
  • C/R with K-Wire (Lower End Radius)
  • C/R with K-Wire Fixation
  • CABG
  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Cataract
  • Cervical Lymph node Biopsy
  • Cervical Spine Fixation
  • Circumcision
  • CLW (Right Ear)
  • CLW Suturing
  • CLW Suturing (Left Foot with Tendon Injury)
  • CLW Suturing for Head
  • CLW Suturing over Right Eyebrow
  • Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV Club Foot)
  • Cranioplasty
  • Craniotomy
  • Craniotomy with excision of SOL
  • Cross Finger Flap
  • Cystoscopy
  • Cystoscopy _ Bladder Neck Incision
  • DCR (Dacryocysto Rhinostomy)
  • Debridement
  • Debridement & Skin Grafting (Thigh)
  • Debridement (Left Knee)
  • Debridement (Right Femur)
  • Debridement (Right Leg)
  • Debridement (Right Lower Thigh Cellulitis)
  • Debridement (Right Toe Region)
  • Debridement of Right Knee +CLW
  • Debridement, Removal of External Fixator & Skin Grafting
  • Derma Abrasion
  • DJ Stent Insertion
  • DJ Stent Removal
  • DJ Stenting
  • Dressing
  • Dressing (left Forearm)
  • ECT
  • Elevation and Fixation of Depressed Bone Fracture (Orbtal)
  • Endonasal DCR
  • Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy
  • ERCP
  • Excision Biopsy of Tongue Nodule
  • Excision of Mole
  • Excision of Right Shoulder Lipoma
  • Excision of Sebacious Cyst
  • Exploratory Laparotomy
  • Exploratory Laparotomy & Spleenectomy
  • Exploratory Laparotomy + Colostomy
  • External Fixation (Wrist)
  • External Fixation and Revision
  • Facet Block
  • Femoral Catheter
  • Femur Biopsy
  • FESS
  • Fissurectomy + Stappler Haemorhoedectomy
  • Fistulectomy
  • Fixation of Right Humerus
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Gastroscopy
  • Gastroscopy + Colonoscopy
  • Haemorhoedectomy
  • Hemiglossectomy with Right Sided Radical Neck Dissection
  • Hemithyroidectomy
  • Hip Debridement
  • Hip wound Debridement
  • I & D
  • I & D & Debridement (Left Thigh)
  • I & D (Both Leg)
  • I & D (Face Abscess)
  • I & D (Left Medial Lower Limb)
  • I & D (Mandible)
  • I & D (Nasal Endoscopy)
  • I & D (Neck Abscess)
  • I & D (Perianal Abscess)
  • I & D (Right Breast)
  • I & D (Right Hand Abscess)
  • ICD
  • Implant Removal (Tibia & Femur)
  • Implant Removal of Right Tibia
  • Incisional Hernia
  • Incison of Biopsy Tongue Lesion
  • Inguinal Hernia
  • Inguinal Hernia (Right Scrotal)
  • Inguinal Hernioplasty
  • Inguinal Lymph Node Biopsy
  • Inj. Botox, Tendon Repair
  • Inj. Setrol
  • Interlocking Tibia Nailing
  • K-Wire Fixation with Ulna Repair
  • L4-L5 Discectomy
  • L4-L5 Lumbar Dissectomy
  • Laminectomy
  • Lap Cholecystectomy
  • Lap. Appendisectomy
  • Lap. Hernia
  • Lap. Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Laparoscopic Appendisectomy
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  • Laparotomy
  • Laparotomy + Appendisectomy
  • Left Ankle, Screw Removal
  • Left Breast Conservative Surgery
  • Left DHS Fixation
  • Left Distal Humerus platting, radius ulna platting with bone grafting
  • Left Elbow Capitular Fixation
  • Left Eye Cataract
  • Left Eye Cataract with Phaco
  • Left Eye Pterigiam
  • Left Eye Squint
  • Left Femur Nailing
  • Left Hand Injury (Tendon Repair)
  • Left Hand Vascular Surgery
  • Left Humerus Interlocking Nailing ORIF
  • Left Index Finger Tendon Repair + K-Wire Fixation
  • Left Inguinal Vericocele
  • Left Knee Debridement
  • Left Pre Oricular Sinus
  • Left Radius ORIF & Right Ulna Debridement Skin Grafting
  • Left Radius Ulna Fixation & K-Wire Fixation
  • Left Sac Probing
  • Left TKR
  • Left Tympanoplasty
  • Left Upper Arm Lipoma
  • Left URS
  • Left Volar Bacton (# Lower End Radius)
  • Left Wrist Manipulation + K-Wire
  • Liposuction
  • Lumbar Drain
  • Lumbar Laminectomy & Cervical Fusion
  • Lumbar Puncture
  • Lumbar Spine Fixation
  • Lymph Node Biopsy
  • Mandible # Platting
  • Mandible & Radius Ulna Fixation
  • Metacarpal (Neck) Fixation
  • Metacarpal K-Wire Fixtion & Leg Debridement
  • Micro Dissectomy
  • Mole Removal (Chest)
  • Nasal Bone Reduction
  • Nasal Endoscopy
  • Nasal Endoscopy with Cautry
  • Obstructive Incisional Hernia
  • Obstructive Urethrotomy
  • ORIF (Left Radius)
  • ORIF (Right Foot with K-Wire Fixation)
  • ORIF Interfragmentary Screw Right leg Medial Mallelous
  • ORIF of PCL
  • Partial Hip Replacement
  • PCNL
  • PEG Removal
  • Pilonidal Sinus with Flap Repair
  • Plaster (Dressing)
  • Plastic Surgery (Excision Of Cyst)
  • Priapism Correction with Injectable Therapy
  • Prostate Biopsy
  • Radius Platting
  • Reconstruction Upper Lip Injury
  • Re-exploration Craniotomy
  • Re-exploration Laminectomy
  • Re-implantation
  • Removal of Abdominal Mass
  • Removal of DHS Screw & Plate + Left THR
  • Removal of DJ Stent
  • Removal of Foreign Body
  • Removal of Implant (Femur)
  • Removal of Implants (Maxilla)
  • Removal of screw & Right Tibia #
  • Revision Amputation
  • Revision of Shunt
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty + Cheek Liposuction
  • Rib Biopsy
  • Right CP Angle Meningioma (Hydrocephaleous + Meningionma Posterior Fossa)
  • Right DHS
  • Right Eye Cataract with Phaco
  • Right Eyelid Prolapse
  • Right Femur Bone Grafting & Bone Repositio
  • Right Femur External Fixation Debridement
  • Right Hand Ring Finger Metacarpal # Intramedullary Nailing
  • Right Hand Tendon Release
  • Right Hip Arthroplasty
  • Right Humerus Nailing & Right radius Ulna K-Wiring
  • Right Humerus platting
  • Right Middle Finger Injury
  • Right Neck Femur # (Platting, Screw Fixation)
  • Right Neck Femur ORIF
  • Right Popliteal Trifurcation Thrombectomy
  • Right Ring Finger Digital Nerve Repair, Wound Exploration, Debridement & Suturing
  • Right Ring Finger Tip Repair with Nail Repair
  • Right Shoulder C/R
  • Right THR
  • Right Thumb with 2nd Middle Finger Re-implantation
  • Right TKR
  • Right URS
  • Ring Block K-Wire
  • Scar Excision
  • Sebaciius Cyst Excision
  • Secondary Suturing
  • Septoplasty
  • Septoplasty with Bilateral Fess
  • Septoplasty with nasal deformity correction
  • Shoulder & Acetabulum Fixation
  • Skin Grafting
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Stappler Haemorhoedectomy
  • Suturing upper lip
  • Thoracoscopy Drainage Emphyma
  • Tongue Tie Release
  • Tongue Tie Release
  • Tonsil Biopsy
  • Tonsilectomy
  • Total Thyroidectomy
  • Tracheostomy
  • TURP
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Umbilical Hernia Repair
  • Upper Lip Suturing
  • Urethroscopy + Stent Removal
  • URS
  • USG Guided Biopsy
  • V.P. Shunt
  • Video Laryngoscopy
  • Video laryngoscopy / Nasal Endoscopy
  • Whipples
  • Wide Excision + Skin Grafting + Neck Dissection
  • Wound Exloration
  • Wound Exploration (Left Inguinal Region)



I had severe pain in stomach followed by nausea and vomiting. I took medicines for the time being but faced the same problem again within a few days. I was very tensed as my final exams were just 2 weeks ahead. I consulted Dr Ghiya to which he referred me to Dr Ashwin Porwal who diagnosed my problem as acute appendicitis. I expressed my concern for the operation that he suggested me at the earliest.

But as Dr Porwal explained me the depth and severity of the problem I knew it had to be solved at the earliest. I got operated the same day. Dr Porwal explained me and my parents about the surgery to which I was a bit relaxed as I came to know I would be discharged in 48 hours.

One more concern I had was being at a young age I am used to wearing low waist jeans and the stitches would then show up post surgery. Dr Porwal suggested me a silicon strip for the same for which I am very thankful. Even today, remembering those days I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Porwal and the faculty of Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital for the utmost care taken during the hospital stay. Today i live a satisfied and painfree life !!!


I was suffering from a lot of defecation problem for which I referred to Dr Ashwin Porwal after reading his article in Times Of India . He diagnosed my problem as Grade 3 piles for which he suggested me Stapler Surgery. I was totally unaware of this surgery. But he explained the entire procedure to me and the main part that relaxed me was ' I would be discharged within 24 hours' and ' Would be able to join work from the 3rd day'. Also I was happy to hear that there would be no cuts and dressings.

Dr Porwal, his assistants and the entire nusrsing staff from the day of admission till discharge. I could also have my normal full meal post surgery. This incidence made me really happy and contended to which I am thankful to Dr Porwal.

4 months I faced no problems at all. But I started with a new severe stomach pain to which I immediately rushed to Dr Porwal. I came to know I had appendix problem. Due to past experience with Dr Porwal I had complete trust and faith in him for which I asked him to get me operated at the earliest. The laparoscopic surgery was successful.
So here I am living a happy and satisfied llife by the grace of Dr Ashwin Porwal !!!!


I am from Iraq & had come to visit a relative in India . Due to change in climate and location I had a problem adapting to the food habits and lifestyle. I started facing constipation problem with pain & bleeding for which I came to Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital. They referred me to Dr Ashwin Porwal.

One sitting with Dr Porwal, I was briefed with my Grade 2 piles problem with fistula that I was facing since the last 6 months. He suggested me to get operated. But I was flying back to Iraq after a week where I would be joinig work again.

I got admitted the next day itself after he told me there would be no cuts so would be no need to come for dressings everytime. I had a wonderful experience during my stay as his entire team took care of me through out my stay. I was also counselled for my diet and lifestyle modification before my discharge by Dr Porwals assisstant.

Today you can say I have completely been washed off the pain that I was going through. But this entire credit goes to Dr Ashwin Porwal, his team and Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital due to which I lead this happy life. Thank You !!


I am a woman in my 70's, staying alone in Pune. I was facing defecation problem since many years. But due to fear of people's comments I never expressed my problem to anyone.
I read about Dr Ashin Porwal on the internet which made me consult him. After talking to him I felt free and could express all my problems and concerns to him. I was diagnosed as Grade 3 piles with internal Rectal mucosal prolapse, for which he suggested me STARR surgery.
He explained me the entire procedure. I was happy when I came to know there would be no cuts from outside for which I wouldn't require dressings. Also I would be discharged in 24 hours for which I was very happy. The operation was successful and I was taken care of by the entire hospital staff and his team till the very end. Being a senior citizen Dr Porwal gave me special care for which I am very thankful.
I wasn't aware of this unique surgery for CONSTIPATION . But this has made my remaining life painfree and for this I thank Dr Ashwin Porwal and Inamdar Multiapeciality Hospital.