Find HospitalArray - Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences & Armenian Church Trauma Center

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    Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences & Armenian Church Trauma Center
    Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences & Armenian Church Trauma Center
    Accreditations: Doctors: Beds: 350
    International Patient Services: Yes
    Languages: English,Hindi,Bengali


    Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS) Kolkata is a 350-Bed full-fledged multi-specialty hospital built on approximately 4 acres of land. The hospital comprises of Cardiac Centre, the Armenian Church Trauma Centre, Rotary Narayana Nethralaya (Institute of Ophthalmology) and Manjulaben Mehta Kidney Hospital.

    The hospital has so far performed 10,000 Life saving cardiac operations and 25,000 Interventional procedures. A dedicated team of renowned cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, nurses, technicians and perfusionists, makes it possible for this institution to undertake complex cardiac surgeries and interventional procedures..


    Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, a unit of Asia Heart Foundation, firmly believes in its mission: ‘an equitable distribution of quality health care for one and all’. This hospital represents a part of the dream to create a chain of cardiac care hospitals accessible to everyone.

    Thanks to Dr.Shetty's unrelenting zeal, the hospital set up in April 2000, has successfully brought cardiac care within the reach of the common man. It is a 350-bed multi-specialty hospital, with 9 fully equipped operation Theatres, 70 bedded Intensive Therapy Unit and 30 bed Coronary Care Unit.

    List of Specialities/Departments:

    • Anaesthesia
    • Cardiac Surgery
    • Cardiology
    • Thoracic & Vascular Surgery
    • Critical Care Medicine
    • Diabetology & Endocrinology
    • Emergency
    • ENT
    • Gastroenterology
    • General Surgery
    • Gynaecology & Obstetrician
    • Medicine
    • Nephrology
    • Neurology
    • Neuro Surgery
    • Non-Invasive Cardiology
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • Ophthalmology
    • Orthopaedics
    • Pathology/Blood Bank
    • Paediatric Cardiology
    • Plastic-Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery
    • Pulmonary Medicine
    • Psychiatry
    • Radiology
    • Urology


    • Cardiac Surgery
    • Thoracic & Vascular Surgery
    • General Surgery
    • Neuro Surgery
    • Non-Invasive Cardiology
    • Radiology
    • Psychiatry
    • Plastic-Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery
    • Paediatric Cardiology
    • Orthopaedics
    • Ophthalmology
    • Gastroenterology



    • Dr. Emmanuel Rupert
    • Dr. Shriman Narayan
    • Dr. Manjula Khosla
    • Dr. Somnath Ganguly
    • Dr (Brig). Pradip Kr.Ro
    • Dr. Saswati Dasgupta Sinha
    • Dr. Animesh Gupta
    • Dr. Paramita Trivedi Chatterjee
    • Dr. Titisa Sarkar Mitra
    • Dr. Vikas Toshniwal
    • Dr. Saibal Roychowdhury
    • Dr. Rahul Guha Biswas
    • Dr. Saugat Paul
    • Dr. Apratim Mukhopadhyay
    • Dr. Arpan Chakraborty
    • Dr. Dipanjan Chakraborty
    • Dr. Subhendu Sarkar
    • Dr. Subrata Chattapadhyay
    • Dr. Rangan Koley
    • Dr. Sudipta Das

    Cardiac Surgery

    • Dr. Ashutosh Raghuvanshi
    • Dr. Kunal Sarkar
    • Dr. Mrinalendu Das
    • Dr. S. R. Mohanty
    • Dr. Atanu Saha
    • Dr. Sukanta Kumar Behera
    • Dr. Bishnu Kr. Deka
    • Dr. Indrani Guha
    • Dr. Milan Kundu
    • Dr. Samir Kr. Dhar
    • Dr. Siddhartha Sathia
    • Dr. Amitabha Chakraborti
    • Dr. Mahboob Alam Mullick
    • Dr. Ambarish Maiti
    • Dr. Vasantha Narayan


    • Dr. J. Naik
    • Dr. Ashok Dhar
    • Dr. Bandita Das
    • Dr. Binayak Deb
    • Dr. D. Bhattacharya
    • Dr. D. Mitra
    • Dr. Debabrata Roy
    • Dr. Debika Chatterjee
    • Dr. K.D. Murarka
    • Dr. K.K. Agarwal
    • Dr. N.D. Gupta
    • Dr. P.K. Jha
    • Dr. Ravi Kishore
    • Dr. R.S. Joshi
    • Dr. Sanjeev Garg
    • Dr. S.K. Pandey
    • Dr. Sunil Lhila
    • Dr. Subhas. Nandi
    • Dr. Projit Ray
    • Dr. Sunandan Sikdar
    • Dr. Amitabha Sengupta
    • Dr. Sunip Banerjee
    • Dr. Udayan Sen
    • Dr. V K Gupta
    • Dr. Dilip Kumar
    • Dr. Kashi nath Ghosh Hazra
    • Dr. Harshavardhan Bandopadhyay

    Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

    • Dr. Amitabha Chakraborty
    • Dr. Anirban Chatterjee


    • Dr. Atri Bandopadhya


    • Dr. N.P.Bohidhar

    General Surgery

    • Dr. Manas Kr. Roy
    • Dr. Sanjay Kumar Dubey
    • Dr. Sagar Sadhu
    • Dr. (Major) Sujit Sarkar
    • Dr. Arunava Choudhury

    Gynaecology & Obstetrician

    • Dr. Ashish Ghosh
    • Dr. Anup Khosla
    • Dr. Lalima Banerjee


    • Dr. Dilip Kr. Pahari
    • Dr. Deepak Shankar Ray


    • Dr. Debasish Choudhury
    • Dr. Amlan Mandal
    • Dr. Debashis Chakraborty
    • Dr. Sanchita Konar

    Neuro Surgery

    • Dr. Amitabha Chanda
    • Dr. Sujoy Kumar Sanyal


    • Dr. Debasish Chakraborty
    • Dr. Dipangshu Basu Chaudhuri
    • Dr. Pankaj Rupauliha
    • Dr. Saptagirish Rambhatla
    • Dr. Soham Sarkar
    • Dr. Ritu Gadia
    • Dr. Arati Rupauliha
    • Dr. Kaushik Biswas
    • Dr. Subrata Mandal





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