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International Patient Services: Yes
Languages:Thai, English



Thantakit has been practicing dentistry for over 60 years since 1945. Being one of the largest dental clinics in Bangkok Thailand, we operates 3 dental offices with over 20 treatment rooms in central Bangkok area. We are Thailand's pioneer in Dental Implants since 1973 and Invisalign since 2002. We are the First Thailand Dental Implant Center employing 3-D Dental CT Scan for all dental implant cases. Thantakit houses more than 30 English-speaking dentists highly trained from USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and leading local institutions in all dental specialties. 50% of our patients are international patients from around the world. Our doctors and staff are familiar with and capable of taking care of international patients. Thantakit runs its in-house dental laboratory which allows our dentist to closely control and deliver the best quality of your cosmetic dental works. Moreover, our in-house dental laboratory is able to deliver your dental works within limited period of time. Some minor correction or adjustment on dental works can be instantly done just before you leave Bangkok or Thailand. We are also fully-equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology such as 3-D Dental CT Scan, Digital X-Rays and Imaging System, Intra-oral Camera, and LCD monitor in all treatment rooms.


At Thantakit, it is our policy, duty, and responsibility to ensure that all dental equipment is sterilized according to high international standards. Our staff consists of carefully selected, experienced professionals who work together as a team to bring you the highest quality treatment in a warm and caring environment.Some of our patients had difficulties making appointments and some urgent visits with part-time dentists. This is also our concern. At Thantakit, most of our dentists treating international patients are full-time, making their schedules available and flexible for your treatments, and the full-time dentists are easily reachable for most circumstances.Our staff consists of carefully selected, experienced professionals who work together as a team to bring you the highest quality treatment in a warm and caring environment.

Some of the Technologies and Facilities available here are:

  • Lobby Areas (2nd and 3rd floor)
  • Dental Treatment Rooms
  • Kids Dental Treatment Rooms
  • Consultation Room
  • In-house Dental Laboratory
  • Equipment Sterilization Room
  • Internet Zone
  • Self-service Beverage Area
  • Kids' Play Area
  • Intraoral Camera
  • Digital X-rays and Imaging System
  • 3-Dimension Dental CT Scan for Dental Implant Surgery
  • Air-Flow Cleaning System
  • Plasma Cool-light Whitening System
  • ZOOM! 2 Tooth Whitening System
  • Laser for Gum Surgery
  • Empress Aesthetic System
  • General Check-up and Consultation
  • Digital X-rays and Imaging System
  • 3-Dimension Dental CT Scan
  • In-house Dental Laboratory


Some of the Treatments you can avail at Thantakit are:

  • Dental Implants (All Kinds of Dental Implant Treatments)
  • Cosmetic Dentistry (Dental/Smile Makeover)
  • Plasma Cool-light Tooth Whitening
  • Zoom!2 Tooth Whitening
  • Dental Crowns & Bridges (PFM, Procera, Empress, Cercon, Metal)
  • Dental Veneers (Porcelain/Ceramic, Composite Resin)
  • Dental Inlays & Onlays (Porcelain/Ceramic, Composite)
  • Fillings Replacement
  • Dental Bonding
  • Gum Reshaping/Contouring (Gummy Smile & Long-tooth Smile)
  • Cleaning, Scaling, and Polishing
  • Cleaning with Air-flow System
  • Fillings (Amalgam and Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings)
  • Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)
  • Periodontics (Gum Treatment)
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction/Removal
  • Dentures (All kinds of dentures)
  • Pediatric Dentistry (Dental for Kids)
  • Orthodontics (All Kinds of Braces
  • INVISALIGN: Straight Teeth. No braces.
  • STb Lingual Braces
  • Speed Braces Damon System
  • In-Ovation-R: Interactive Self-Ligating (Speed) Braces
  • Mouth Guard, Occlusal Splint for TMD/TMJ


  • Dr. Bancha Sirikrai
  • Education:1968: Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Medicine (now Chulalongkorn University)
  • 1974: Certificate of Clinical Implant Dentistry, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • 1994: 'Fellow' of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists Academic and Professional 1984: 'Founder' of the Thai Society of Dental Implantology
  • 1984-1990: Guest Speaker on Implant Dentistry,
  • Thai Society of Dental Implantology Membership
  • Thai Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Thai Society of Dental Implantology
  • Thai Dental Council
  • Thai Dental Association under Royal Patronage
  • Dr. Ongart Puttipisitchet
  • 2004: Doctor of Dental Surgrey , Faculty Of Dentistry , Mahidol University
  • 2007: Graduate Diploma in Clinical Science in Maxillofacial Prosthetics, Mahidol University
  • 2005-present: Full Time Faculty, Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University Membership Thai Dental Council
  • Thai Dental Association under Royal Patronage
  • Dr. Thara Sirikrai
  • Education:
  • 1995: Doctor of Dental Surgery, Khon Kaen University
  • 1998: Certificate in Implant Dentistry, New York University, New York, USA
  • 2006: 'Diplomate' of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists Academic and Professional Background 2007-Present: Secretary of Thai Association of Dental Implantology
  • 2000–Present: Guest Speaker on Implant Dentistry, Thai Association of Dental Implantology
  • 2001-2004: Part–time Lecturer on Implant Dentistry, Khon Kaen University Membership
  • Academy of Osseointegration, USA
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Thai Association of Dental Implantology
  • Thai Dental Council
  • Thai Dental Association under Royal Patronage
  • Dr. Kamonporn Jantarahomkajorn
  • 2000: Doctor of Dental Surgery, Chulalongkorn University
  • 2008: Certificate in Orthodontics, Chulalongkorn University
  • Thai Association of Orthodontists
  • Thai Dental Council
  • Thai Dental Association under Royal Patronage


John from USA
Thantakit is the most hygienic, modern, and friendly dental clinic I have been to, including my home in the USA. I have a veneer on front tooth and a perfect implant from there that look and feel 100% natural. I also have brought or sent friends here who are just as delighted. The new pickup service is also very cool and convenient, as some taxis and tuktuks do not seem to understand the location (although they do know the Amari Atrium close by).

Gillian from Australia
Dr. Pokpong and the staff were very good, very gentle and I am extremely happy with the service and my teeth.

John Reed from United kingdom
Having just completed several stages of treatment, which included three implants, bone augmentation, and two bridges reconstruction. I was at first very skeptical about bone augmentation. At first the treatment was a little unpleasant but looking back the treatment and service was excellent with very little pain and I have no hesitation in recommending the practice both for the very best of service and medical care. If anyone would like to discuss any aspects of the above comments, please call me at +447852320949.

Mario from Canada
I only have good things to say about Thantakit Dental Center. I will say that their biggest asset is the people. Everybody, from the people who work at the reception, the assistants and the dentists are truly professionals and before anything else excellent human beings. I will recommend Thantakit Dental Center to anybody who need dental care. They can be sure they are going to be in good hands.

Eddy from Germany: When I arrived in Bangkok, my denture was in a dramatic condition: bad attachment and inferior quality caused movements of the teeth so that I couldn't eat all the food (wished).
Dr. Thara and Dr. Kukkong could solve all the problems. They placed implants and a new crown that fitted perfectly.

Paul Scales: I attended Dr. Thara to have a double implant. On each occasion I attended the clinic the service that I received was of the highest professional standard from Dr. Thara and his staff.
I would be very happy to recommend the services of Dr. Thara to anyone seeking similar treatment.

Abukheraiba Shah: I just received unexpected service as top of the range. I have lots of of appreciation for all the staff and doctors, and my best wishes to all.

Karin Woo Korea: In all, I had the best service from the beginning to the end. Not to mention, Dr. Thara Sirikrai's excellent professionalism. He was simply very reassuring on the day of my surgery and he did!! Thank you very much Dr. Thara! See you again in 3 months time! I know where I can get painless dental services. Cheers!
With best regards,

John: I would thoroughly recommend Thantakit - have been going there (All Seasons Place branch) for ages for checkups, wisdom teeth removal, treatments etc and VERY happy. Also currently undergoing Orthodontic treatment at their Dental Headquarter Branch on Petchaburi Road - EXCELLENT!Very impressed and seeing LOTS of Progress!Too young to have implants yet though!!!GOOD LUCK

Margie Germany: My Goodness!” With the dental work done to my teeth from Thantakit Dental Clinic, I can now smile great. They worked on my teeth so wonderfully in just a short period of time. I am so confident and proud to show everyone that you can count on Thantakit Dental Clinic to work on whatever dental problem you have with your teeth. Now I can face the world again with my confident and beautiful smile