Pune, India

Accreditations: JCI Approved Doctors: 6 Beds: 25
International Patient Services: Yes
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi

We are in vinauak hospital pune. we have 25 beds with i.c.u. and state of art operation theatre. having siemens advanced ventilator and very sensitive L& T multipara monitors.

We have dedicated staff nurses , o.t. technicians, admin & billing unit staff with tender and understanding touch.

Our Director Dr. Prafulla Tamaskar is a Laparoscopic surgeon of repute . He has performed various laparocopic procedures as a faculty in hernia surgery as well as in state level and international conferences.

We are renowned for gastroinestinal surgery and minimal invasive trauma surgery with damage control surgery

  1. Laparoscopic surgery:- a. appendicectomy b.cholecystectomy c. inguinal hernia d. ventral hernia e. hiatus hernia.f. diaphragmatic hernia. g. closure of peptic perforation. h. gastric resction i. splenectomy j. excision of liver haemangiomas and tumours k.colonic cancers l. colorectal cancers.
  2. Open surgery :- (1) thyroidectomies (2) breast lump and cancers (3) Head and neck cancers
  3. Endoscopic Procedures:- (1) diagnostic and therapeutic upper g.i. & lower g.i. endoscopy (2) Endourology , bladder stone, kidney stone and prostate surgery endoscopically..(3) sinus endoscopy
  1. Dr. Prafulla Tamaskar
  2. Dr. Kavita Tamaskar
  3. Dr. Praveen Jain
  4. Dr. Rashmi Rajshekhar
  5. Dr. Sachin Ghodki
  6. Dr. Nitin Gadkari

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