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    Find Financing

    Medical financing options are available for our clients who wish to undergo medical Treatments or surgeries in selected domestic and overseas hospitals.SurgeryPlanet will assist you in obtaining the financing through  our network of Medical Financing companies. The financing availability is subject to eligibility of the client determined through  qualifying requirements  for each type of loan and varies depending on the Financing company and the Type of Medical treatment.


      • Rates starting as low as 6.99%.
      • Promotions such as Fixed Interest Rates, Deferred Payments, Deferred Interest,and Fixed.
      • Low Monthly Payments.
      • No Prepayment Penalty
      • Bad credit financing available with Co-Signer.
      • Easy Application form with quick approval decisions

    SurgeryPlanet Financing Network offers loans with interest rates from as low as 6.99% APR and Deferred Payment and Interest up to 12 months. Depending on your credit history, Our Financiers  will be able to offer a customized and affordable payment plan to fit within your budget as low as $99. Fixed interest rates can also be offered up to 36 months. If you are medically uninsured or under insured, the financing option is a great way to go.

    We get many questions of patients asking us what procedures we will find financing and the answer is that we can help you get loans for just about every procedure your can think of from weight loss surgery to penis enlargement and everything in between. let us help you get exactly what you are looking for. Call us 1 800 780 8460


    1.What are the general requirements to qualify for Medical Financing ?

    The patient is required to be the primary applicant and must have the following:

      • Current employment with a minimum gross monthly earned income of $2000; income must be verifiable (no cash)
      • At least two years of established credit history with no open collections, unsatisfied judgments or tax liens showing on the credit report; no bankruptcies in the last  three years.
      • If you fail to meet any of these financing guidelines;you may apply with a co-applicant that does meet them.

    2. What are the associated fees and interest rates with Medical Financing programs?

    Interest rates begin as low as 3% on secured loans and range from 6.99%-21.9% on unsecured. Many  unsecured lenders offer 12-month same-as-cash/interest-free options as well. In addition there are lender processing and documentation fees associated with your financing; these fees are dependent on credit and are added to your amount financed

    3. What will my monthly payments be on a Medical Loan?

    On unsecured loans with good credit the average monthly payment per thousand financed on a 3 year term would be approximately $ 36, with fair credit approximately $ 38 On a four-year term with good credit, approximately $ 29 per thousand financed. Longer terms are available dependant upon credit and amount borrowed. These rates are subject to change.


    4. What is the difference between "secured" and "unsecured" Medical Loans?

    As implied, a secured loan is secured by a tangible piece of equity that will guarantee re-payment to the lender, such as the equity in your home. An unsecured loan is not secured by such equity and therefore harder to qualify for. The only basis for the lenders decision is your past re-payment history. Because the lender is taking a higher risk, these types of loans typically cost a bit more in fees and come with slightly higher interest rates

    5. I am the patient, but my credit isn't so good, can someone else apply for me?

    On unsecured loans, all lenders require that the patient be the primary applicant, however, the addition of a qualified co-applicant is usually sufficient to obtain an approval. Credit decisions are based on the credit and income of the stronger applicant .

    6. How long does it take for the loan approval process?
    It generally takes approximately 7 to 10 days for verifications after you submit all the required documents, then funding will take place within 5 working days after verifications are   completed and is approved by SurgeryPlanet

    7.How will the funds be disbursed for your Treatment?

    On Authorization by you and by SurgeryPlanet, the funds will be directly deposited to the approved medical providers accounts for payment of medical services given to you, upon your final approval of providers bills.

    You may also apply for a medical financing card and the approved funds will be made available on this card for payment to the approved provider for specific treatments as and when required.


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