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    ABOUT eCarePlanet

    Ecare Technology for Patients

    Medical tourism has opened up the choices in  health care  for patients from the conventional options of local hospitals or providers, to choosing  the best providers in the world for their medical  care. This has tremendously increased the competition, standards  and quality of the providers and is also driving down the costs of health care globally, making it an open, consumer driven industry rather than a provider driven industry, as in the past.

    The advent of technology in health care delivery has brought new horizons for the healthcare consumer. Recently , a surgeon located in telemedicine hospital in France was able to successfully perform a robotic surgery  on a patient located in a surgery room in a US hospital. This is the future of healthcare delivery. A future , where healthcare providers and patients are not restricted by distances, cultures or borders and are  able to choose their surgeon or provider from any part of the world.

    SurgeryPlanet is at the leading edge of this technological advancement in healthcare delivery and has pioneered the development of a remote patient care management software called eCarePlanet. This stable and secure technological online platform enables patients from any part of the world to with any type of healthcare need to diligently educate themselves about the choices of providers and freely interact with hundreds of hospitals that are networked to this platform. When the patient/user creates their medical profile on this system , the system will guide them to command specific searches for the type of surgeon or hospital that  they would like to consult or take services from. Each provider linked on the system can also see the patients profile without revealing their confidential persona details and then review the case thoroughly. On the discretion of the Healthcare provider, their capabilities, services  and facilities, they can effectively and easily provide the patient with a tentative treatment plan and cost quote within a few hours

    As a user, once you login to  eCarePlanet, you can freely interact with any or all the healthcare providers through this system, send your medical documents for reviews and opinions of doctors, get online treatment plans from doctors, cost quotes, make hospital and surgery bookings, make secure online payments, get financing applications approved, buy medical travel insurance, book travel and hotel from multiple hospitality providers and more. This service is free to Surgeryplanet customers only and prevents the misuse of this system with various technological firewalls and security measures.  

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    Simply create your profile by filling up the eCarePlanet Registration form and create your secure account with password protection . Once your profile is reviewed and confirmed by surgeryPlanet ,your account will be activated within a few minutes. You can then log into your own Customer Portal and browse detailed information about  all the Hospitals and doctors in the surgeryPlanet network and choose to correspond by  secure online messages  or talk to them. You will also be assigned a Case manager , free of cost to assist you in the process. You may request for initial online review of your case and obtain tentative treatment plans and cost quotes. You can also upload your medical reports or films to get opinions and reviews by specific provider of your choice. Once you have completed your review of the provider you may choose the hospital or surgeon and schedule your appointments for  surgery ,post operative care, therapy ,  travel ,accommodation and financing if required. Your  Surgerey Planet case manager and destination associates will assist you all along through this process, so that your medical trip is comfortable and a  complete success.