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    Columbia Asia
    Category:Hospitals videos
    American\´s knee replacement surgery testimonial India
    Category:Testimonial Videos
    Fortis Hospitals :Changing the Face of Indian Healthcare
    Category:Hospitals videos
    Degenerated Hip
    I was suffering from degenerated Hip and was denied Hip Replacement surgery by my Insurance. I did not know what to do and tried every pain killer and steroids, nothing worked!! I couldn't walk or even sleep because of the pain. I did not have much money to get it done either. I called SurgeryPlanet and spoke to Gus. Right from the start, he was like my God sent angel. He guided me step by step to find the best surgeons and hospitals overseas, got telephone consultations from many doctors, arranged my entire treatment and travel without any issues or hitches. I was off in the plane to India for my treatment in 2 weeks. The Hospital and surgeons were exceptional, professional and made me comfortable from the day I arrived at the hospital. I was really happy that I went with surgery planet because they were there holding my hand through every step of the process.
    Laparoscopic gastric sleeve

    testimonialTreatment: Laparoscopic gastric sleeve on 10th January 2009 at Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon

    I, Bryan Andrew from Canada contacted Dr. Deep Goel for gastric sleeve surgery to treat my obesity as I am weighting 200 Kg. I have done weight watchers, Adkins South Beach, 1800 calories diet using diabetic exchanges and all would work for a short time.

    In Canada my physician advised me to undergo for gastric sleeve surgery to get rid of associated medical illness. I contacted Dr. Deep Goel, Minimal Invasive Bariatric Surgeon at Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon and after great discussion I decided to treat my obesity and choose Dr. Deep Goel as my surgeon. I underwent laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery on 10th January 2009. My experience with the surgery and surgeon has been wonderful. Everything is very well organized and staff is awesome. They have all gone out of their way to make my stay pleasant in Artemis.

    Laparoscopic gastric sleeve

    testimonialTreatment: Laparoscopic gastric sleeve on 21st December 2009 at Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon

    1st February 2010
    Jan has been a great month. Lost a total of 14.4 kgs, clothes are not fitting me anymore and I need to hold my trousers to keep it from falling!
    I checked the weight last night and it was 108.6 kgs. My pre-surgery weight was 123 kgs. So BMI is down from 42.5 to 37.5. Diabetes under control without medication, BP is perfectly normal. I am walking 3 kms every day.
    15th March 2010

    Laparoscopic Gastric bypass

    testimonialTreatment: Laparoscopic gastric bypass on 12th October 2009 at Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon.

    I have tried several different diets, including Weight Watchers, over the counter weight- loss tablets, tablets prescribed by doctors, shakes ext, all with no success. I’ve had a very good over-all experience. The staff at Artemis Hospital always made sure that I was comfortable with everything that was going on, before and after surgery. They were always there to answer any questions that I had, especially during the time that they did all the tests before the operation. They never kept me in the dark about anything. First thing that I can remember after I woke up from the operation, was one of the nurses smiling faces, and her making sure that I was comfortable. That meant so much to me. And after the operation, they were always there to keep an eye on me, making sure everything was ok. The 4 days after the operation that I was still in hospital, Dr. Goel came to see me everyday – sometimes 2 to 3 times a day! I appreciated that so much!

    Knee joint replacement

    For the last several years I had extreme pain in my knees and was getting worse every day. My local doctor advised me that I should undergo a total knee replacement. I did not have insurance coverage and found out that the out of pocket costs of bilateral knee surgery in USA was way beyond our budget... A family friend suggested me to discuss with her neighbor who had traveled out of the country for her treatment. After searching for any information regarding overseas hospitals, I came across the website of SurgeryPlanet.

    Kidney Transplant

    testimonialMy son, aged 18, has been diabetic since he was 10 years. This finally got to infect his kidney and was in urgent need of a kidney transplant. I am a single mother and my insurance coverage for him would hardly help cover the costs of this operation.

    I had a healthy kidney that I could donate, but not the finances for the transplant. I was very skeptical about having him to undergo this treatment abroad or anyplace else. But I had no choice but to consider traveling to the other countries were healthcare was cheaper than my country.


    A thank you note.

    Trying to get the right words to express my gratitude is simply difficult! Nevertheless, I would like to thank all of you for the exceptional care you took with dealing in our medical travel. The trip was absolutely amazing and the care provided by the hospital, their nurses and staff was something more than my expectation. Yes I did get pregnant and have a son from the treatment I received from your hospital. This was my fourth attempt after 3 failed procedures in USA. Regardless of whether I had a baby or not, I would still feel grateful for the level of care I received.

    Hip resurfacing- India

    testimonialI had severe osteoarthritis for the last 2 years and since then had been on pain killers and medications. I was advised hip replacement by several surgeons in Long Beach California, where I live. Though I was expecting a medical intervention, I was devastated when I heard about this. I started making enquiries with my local hospitals and I started getting quotes in excess of $ 55,000. These were way beyond my financial capacity and my attempts to finance them failed. I was preparing to use my retirement funds to pay for my hospital charges when I saw a TV program about people traveling to other countries for treatment.

    Gastric Bypass – Costa Rica

    testimonialI have been overweight since adolescence and the last few years have been miserable. I had tried all the diets and weight loss programs and nothing was working for me. The scales always tipped in excess of 280 lbs. going to work or any public place was more than an embarrassment. Life turned out to be more of a burden and I always avoided gatherings, parties or even dating.

    Over time I started developing joint pains especially the knee and hips. When I had consulted my family doctor I was asked

    Dental implants- India

    testimonialI am 27 years of age and was suffering severe dental problems for many years. My dentist in the UK had advised me that I would have to replace 4 of my teeth with implants. I was also told that I had to wait for almost 8 months to get my turn for these dental procedures. There were no short cuts, so I was on pain killers to keep me going.

    I decided to look into treatment in other countries and searched for information on the internet. For a few days and came across a lot of medical tourism operators. I narrowed down on a couple of them. The reason I chose Surgery Planet was

    Colorectal cancer - Thailand

    testimonialI am a Construction Civil engineer consultant working for my own Business for the last 10 years. I used have a lot of energy and used to work heavily. Last November(2008) I started feeling a little too tired everyday and tried taking all kind of energy boosters and vitamins. My wife and coworker suggested I undergo a medical examination to find out if there was anything else causing the tired feeling. The doctor suggested some blood tests and advised me to undergo a CT scan and colonoscopy. I was shocked and devastated when I heard the test results...I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. My business was small and I was not covered

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