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    Abhyanga Snana

    Abhyanga Snana (Full body massage with medicated bath)Abhyanga Snana or medicated oil massage is the preparatory part of Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda. It is an ancient oleation therapy, traditionally given by two masseurs, who work in tandem, synchronizing their strokes and massage according to the circulator and vital points for sixty minutes. Sesame oil that has a detoxifying effect, are chosen according to one's illness. Usually this is done in seven standard positions.

    Rhythmic massage helps relieve stiffness of joints and muscles and relaxes the whole body, both physically and mentally. Increase blood circulation encourages quick removal of metabolic and toxic wastes. It also gives relief to anxiety, depression fatigue, circulatory disorders, rheumatic and arthritic complaints, backaches, sprains and injuries apart from toning the skin.

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