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There is no concrete information to tell how homeopathy works. Many theories based on sub atomic vibration, the memory of water, etc try to explain the procedure, yet merely remain as theories. Research on this tries to prove or disprove these theories which can be a good thing.

Conclusions made from the research really prove that the particular theory of how the homeopathy might work is incorrect, though it does not prove or disprove homeopathy at all. If you are on medication, you would be advised to consult your doctor prior to stopping the intake of the prescribed medicine.

The potency to be taken depends on the sensitivity of the patient and the exact remedy that is being taken. As a general rule homeopaths administer chronic illness (which has been in the system for a long while) with high numbers like 30C - 200C. Acute illnesses (diseases that are relatively new) are treated with low numbers like 6C.

It is advised that Homeopathic medicine be taken on a clean pallet. While undergoing treatment, you should avoid strong flavors like mint (including toothpaste), coffee or camphor. The medicine, normally taken as pills, is placed under the tongue. Pills are stopped once the symptoms disappear. If the problem persists, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Types of Homeopathy Treatments:


Graphite is a form of Carbon that is very commonly found in the lead of Pencils. It is also used in lubricants, batteries, polishes and electric motors. This remedy was first found by Hahnemann when he realized that workmen in a mirror factory were applying graphite to heal cold sores. This is an excellent remedy for skin ailments and conditions pertaining to metabolism.

Graphites is usually the key treatment given for people suffering from severe eczema. Eczema is a skin disease that has symptoms of rash developing on the skin accompanied with redness, peeling of skin, inflammation and irritation. Extreme cases of eczema would have a honey like discharge from the skin. Such symptoms are usually occur behind the ears and knees, on the palms of hands and on nipples.

This remedy is very effective for people who have conditions like Psoriasis and dry, cracked skin. Apart from these, Graphites can be also be used to treat conditions like ulcers, hair loss, cramps, infrequent, scanty or absent menstruation, enlarged ovaries, swelling of the breasts and late menstruation with constipation.

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