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    Columbia Asia
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    American\´s knee replacement surgery testimonial India
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    Fortis Hospitals :Changing the Face of Indian Healthcare
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    Press & Media

    Health care choices at the click of a mouse
    Bengaluru, Oct. 1: The IT city has also made its mark as a global health hub and hospitals in Bengaluru are constantly redesigning their operations to suit customer demands. Helping city hospitals keep people updated about their services is a new software developed by a medical facilitation firm that gives.... read more

    SurgeryPlanet's telemedicine software to link 1000 hospitals in 44 countries
    SurgeryPlanet, a medical facilitation company has developed the eCarePlanet which is a telemedicine online software. It provides both patients and medical professionals an interactive online platform to have direct access...

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    SurgeryPlanet shows the way to inexpensive medicare, globally
    Bangalore, Oct. 9 Aviation enthusiast Augustine Joseph, a former IAF pilot from Kerala and later US commercial helicopter flier, was happy to be routinely ferrying geologists to study volcanoes in picturesque Hawaii, until the new copter crashed beside a volcano in November 2000, crippling him for four years.... read more
    Customise your treatment
    Bangalore: Do you want to choose the best doctor and hospital for your health problem sitting in your drawing room? Or, are you looking for top specialists in various hospitals who can treat you for that chronic health problem at an affordable cost?.... read more

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    Captain Augustine

    Adversity gives us the greatest strength and some of the best ideas too.Ask former Indian Air Force pilot Capt.Augustine Joseph,who survived a Hawaii crash a decade ago and could move around only in a wheelchair.Several years after what seemed to be a life-crippling accident,hes up and walking.More important,  read more

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