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Over 4 million medical patients are traveling annually to hospitals overseas for surgeries and treatments. Medical tourism has become an excellent choice for those selective patients who wish to get the best medical treatment for the most affordable prices, both for the medically insured and uninsured. India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and Brazil are the most popular destinations for medical tourism. Hospitals in these countries have focused on creating five start facilities to cater to international patients. Many of them provide better facilities and services than in most hospitals western developed countries, at a tenth of the cost. Medical tourists are not just looking for cheap medical care or cheap surgeries in these overseas hospitals. They are very often the most selective when it comes to their healthcare and are people who make educated and intelligent decisions about their medical treatment. Medical tourist often make best use of their healthcare travel by making it into a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation, enjoying the travel and stay with their partners in these exotic destinations.

Unlike the limited choices available or offered to you through your medical insurance, medical tourism through SurgeryPlanet opens a wide variety of choices in medical care for a fraction of the cost . You can make the choices that are best for you instead of your insurance company telling you how to and what to do about your medical care. There are advanced state of the art surgeries, technology and services available in these hospitals, which are not yet available in US or western hospitals due to the long delay in FDA and government approvals. When hospitals in USA and UK provide one nurse for the care of up to 12 patients at a time , these international hospitals can provide you with one or two dedicated nurses just for you. The Hospital staff and doctors are fluent in English and well trained to provide you the best of medical services. Highly qualified and reputed doctors and surgeons with US or UK medical board certifications, experience and education are available for your medical care at these hospitals.

Over one million US patients have traveled overseas to these hospitals for surgery or treatment in 2007. Deloitte & Touché, the industry survey experts, have estimated this trend to grow up to 6 million US patients traveling overseas for treatment by 2010. The most popular surgeries and procedures for medical tourists are Hip replacements, Knee joint replacement, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, CABG or Heart Bypass surgery, Heart valve replacement/implant, Coronary Angioplasty, Spinal disc replacement, Spinal fusion, disectomy, Liver transplant, Kidney transplant, Bone arrow transplant, IVF and Surrogate mother process , cosmetic surgeries like Breast Augmentation, Breast implants, Tummy Tuck, Face Lift, Chin Lift, Eyebrow lift, Buttock Augmentation and Penile implants are most common surgeries undergone international patients. Every medical surgery, cosmetic surgery or dental surgery that is available to you in the western advanced medical care system is available in these certified international hospitals for as low as 10% of the US or UK costs.

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