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Unani is a form of traditional medicine. The treatment, which has its roots in ancient Iranian medicines, is presently widely practised in the Indian subcontinent. The treatment is dated at around 1025 AD, when Hakim Ibn Sina wrote the authoritative text of Unani, namely, The Canon of Medicine. Unani medicine is influenced by Greek, Islamic as well as Ayurvedic medicine systems.

Unani believes in the four humors present in a human body. These are namely, Dam (Blood), Balgham (Phlegm), Safra (Yellow Bile), and Sauda (Black bile). For a person to be healthy, these humors must be present in a human body in an equilibrium state. Based on the prominence of one particular humor, the temperament of the individual changes. And to treat the diseased humor, the treatment must possess opposite temperament.


Unani doctors believe in a proper understanding of the patient’s ailment. In order to correctly treat someone, it is necessary to know what the patient’s medical background is. Unani doctors take the detail case history of the patient and they rely on observation. Observation contains of feeling of the pulse (nabz). There is also examination of patient’s urine and stool.


Unani has been found to be effective in fighting Malaria and Hepatitis B. Unani treatment has also been effective against leukoderma and other skin diseases. Unani has been found effective in the treatment of hair loss, weight loss. If taken in the earlier stage of the disease, Unani medicine can cure diabetes. Unani has now been found to be effective against cerebral palsy, especially in children. Unani is always been famous for an effective cure for all sexual disorders, including women infertility, male impotency, urinal infections etc.


Unani prescribes basically three treatments. They are namely Ilaj bil Ghiza (Dieto-therapy), Ilaj bil tadbeer (regimental therapy) and Ilaj bil dawa (Pharmacotherapy). But there is also the ultimate option in treatment, that is of Ilaj bil Yad (surgery).

In Ilaj bil Ghiza, or Dietotherapy, the diet of the patient is altered in order to better his health. Under this, there could be abstinence from food, decreased diet, bulky diet or skimpy diet, easily absorbed diet or slowly absorbing diet. It is one of the primary grounds of Unani treatment that a man is what he eats. That is why Ilaj bil Ghiza is one of the most commonly used form of Unani treatment.

In Ilaj bil tadbeer, or regimental therapy, is the treatment in which patient is treated through a regimen or routine of certain procedures. These could include exercises, massage, fomentation, bath, sweating, leeching, diuresis, purgation, enema, purgation, cupping, venesection, cauterization etc among others.

Ilaj bil dawa, or pharmacotherapy, is used only if the previous two therapies fail to completely cure the patient. In this therapy, the doctor prescribes drugs. Unani drugs come from nature. These are either plant products, or some sort of animal product or some naturally occurring mineral. Artificial chemicals are never used in this Unani therapy.

Ilaj bil Yad, or surgery, is used only in extreme case. And it could be either a major or minor operative procedure.

Unani has the distinct reputation of being a treatment system that cures without leaving behind any adverse side effects. As Unani believes in the preservation of human health and not in just curing a disease, there are extra precautions taken against artificially suppressing the manifest symptoms of a deeper illness. In this holistic view of human health, Unani doctors are careful not to cause any side effects in the patient’s health.

Unani is a traditional treatment, and as such is not found in an established form like any modern western medicinal system. Due to this, it has become easier for quacks to pass off as Unani practitioners and thus dupe patients and harm their health in the process. So, in order to reap the undoubted benefits of Unani in treating many modern diseases, you would need to get to a true Unani Hakim (doctor). Though Unani is practiced in over twenty countries of the world including Afghanistan, China, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and USA, India is the only country where Unani is an established as a distinct form of medicine, taught in a well organized manner. So, India has emerged as the ultimate destination of Unani treatment seekers.

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