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Have we ever realized that day by day we are becoming victims of our modern lifestyles? On the one hand, most of us take pride in our smartness and efficiency, hard working nature and dedication to work, but on the other hand, when health gets affected we tend to lower our guards. Arguably, our modern lifestyle pattern has presented us with its own set of side effects. Commonest of them are diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Constipation and Piles. With growing prevalence and incidence of these lifestyle diseases, the medical fraternity has taken note and evolved specialties and expertise in each of these disease states. We have Diabetologists, Cardiologists, Obesity Surgeons and Proctologists, having expertise in these respective diseases. This presents us with a great opportunity to receive the best treatment from experts in their respective fields.

With the launch of Healing Hands Clinic at Tilak Road, the first Proctology Clinic in Pune, by the leading Procto-Surgeon Dr Ashwin Porwal, the speciality of Proctology will be offered for the diagnosis, treatment and cure of all patients who have silently suffered with anorectal diseases like Constipation, Piles, Fissure and Fistula. On this momentous day Dr Porwal remarked, “We have launched Healing Hands Clinic with a vision of providing our patients with the most innovative and minimally invasive cure for Constipation and Piles.” He also envisioned his goal of “caring for and curing every patient of his or her anorectal disease.”

Dr Ashwin Porwal has many firsts to his name. He is the first surgeon in Maharashtra and among the select few in the country to perform the STARR surgery, a surgical treatment for chronic Constipation which was invented 10 years back in Europe. He has successfully treated over 800 patients suffering with Piles, with the advanced and relatively painless surgical technique MIPH, popularly known as Stapler surgery for piles. Dr Porwal says, “I see many new patients daily who suffer with chronic Constipation and Piles. Out of them 30% are young and educated. They require patient counseling and detailed explanation. Explaining them the problem and assuring them of utmost care is our aim. Many patients fail to explain their problem due to inhibitions or fear of conventional surgery. But its important to tell them that now there is hope, as innovative treatments are available.” For such patients have 24 hour helpline number – 8888288884 and consultation with Dr. Porwal is also available at Poona Hospital, Jehangir Hospital, Inamdar Hospital and Sharada Clinic.

Dr Porwal shares, “The Proctology Clinic focuses on in depth understanding of anorectal problems, and providing patients with utmost care and complete cure from various anorectal diseases like Constipation, Piles, Fissure and Fistula. The commonest of all these diseases is Piles, which is a condition where the Piles Vessels (haemorrhoids) swell up mainly due to sitting in one place or standing for long hours, straining during defecation, improper dietary habits, smoking and consumption of alcohol. It presents with 4 Grades, among which chronic. Piles problem may require an innovative MIPH Surgery (Stapler Surgery). It’s a painless procedure, done through the natural route, without any cuts outside, therefore it requires no bandage or dressings, and the patient is discharged within 24 hours. “

Similarly, there is a surgical alternative that may be able to help women, who were unable to find solutions in the past for a type of Chronic Constipation called Obstructed Defecation Syndrome (ODS). Multiple trips to the bathroom, prolonged straining, incomplete elimination of bowel and routine use of laxatives are some of the frequent symptoms of ODS. Defecography, a diagnostic test for chronic constipation, a newly introduced technique in Pune will help diagnose this condition. If medicine and diet don’t work then an innovative procedure called the STARR Surgery that is performed through the natural route, without any external incisions is suggested.

Ms DhanashreeKarmarkar, Clinical Nutritionist working with Dr. Porwal adds, “You have to add a lot of fibre to your diet if you are suffering from chronic constipation. Essentially, you shouldn’t bother about the quantity of diet but its quality. It’s advisable to break down your meals into small portions and have it after small intervals. Consume a lot of fresh salads, fruits, green vegetables and increase your water intake. Last but not the least, you should exercise routinely. Your entire digestion and bowel movements depends on the motility of the body.”

On a concluding note Dr Porwal says, “It is always better to give first priority to health. Today’s advancements in Science have proven results that help us to take utmost care of patients. So keeping aside all worries and fears, patients should let us help them for a healthier and better future.”