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SurgeryPlanet is the pioneer, leader and the most trusted name in the Global Medical Tourism Industry.

We are a United States based, Global Medical Tourism company with our headquarters in Concord, near San Francisco Bay in California and Regional offices situated in the United Kingdom, India and Guatemala. Through our Network of over 1,000 hospitals, 12,000 doctors and agents located in almost every city around the globe, we provide high quality health care facilitation services for customers from over 80 countries. We are proud to be accredited by US Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A rating and have won numerous awards and recognitions for our exceptional quality and services.

We specialize in arranging and facilitating medical care for patients from every country including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Middle-Eastern and African countries. Our network hospitals are present in 122 destinations including Thailand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, and United States. Many of our network hospitals are highly accredited and renowned having the prestigious JCI Accreditation (US), Trent Accreditation (UK) and have affiliations with US and UK Medical providers like John Hopkins Medical Center and Mayo Clinic.

We are the only Global Medical Tourism company to provide door to door, individually tailored service to our clients with a multitude of exclusive services like Telephone Reviews with doctors/surgeons/hospitals, Treatment planning by provider, bookings for Travel, Hotel, Transportation and many other peripheral services like Medical document processing, Private Nurse/Assistant, Translators, Follow up care bookings, Medical Travel Insurance, Travel Insurance, Medical Financing and more.

SurgeryPlanet and its partner companies have served over 8,000 customers since 2005 and we are proud to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Our growth is measured bythe number of satisfied clients we serve and not by our revenue. We understand that each of our customer is unique and has unique needs through the entire process. Our professionally qualified and trained experts and doctors will guide and assist you through the entire process, review your medical documents, provide you with best choices of hospitals and destinations, chart out your treatment and travel plans, make all the bookings and arrangements, receive and guide you at the destination to make it a completely worry free medical travel, recovery and a safe return home.


SurgeryPlanet was founded by Capt. Augustine Joseph ATPL. CHPL. MBA, an ex- Air Force Pilot , US commercial pilot, Founder and CEO of an aviation company in the US. He has successfully developed and managed several businesses in the Health Care Industry, Technology and Aviation Industry in the US and Asia. He is also an avid philanthropist and founded the Non-Profit Organization "Angel of Hope Foundation" to provide care and education for thousands of Children in under developed nations.

Augustine, often known as Captain or Gus among his friends and peers, has a Masters Degree in Aviation Science and a Double Masters Degree in Business Administration. He has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, South America, Pacific Islands and in US. In November 2000, after being injured in a helicopter crash in Hawaii, caused by a complete engine failure, Capt. Augustine was wheel chair bound with spine, neck and head injuries and subjected to perils of the failing health care system in US for 2 years. Augustine then researched the best and cost effective medical care that was available in hospitals overseas and traveled to India to seek medical care, becoming a medical tourist himself.

The excellent treatments, medical choices and results that he experienced from these international hospitals, motivated him to create a socially responsible and ethical organization, with a vision to bring excellent, high quality, affordable medical choices, to all globally. His vast experience living in several continents and knowledge of the medical system and cultures is brought to effective use, to the company's and its clients advantage. Augustine is often seen in his office at midnight and early morning hours, talking to customers or hospitals overseas in different time zones, to ensure that all the customers are given the best care. During his leisure time, he is seen at his children's Football tournaments, Karate or Music Classes. On the weekends you can find him at the local airport flying or checking his Airplanes or at the local Golf course. He also mentors MBA students and other business owners in the community.


SurgeryPlanet is managed by a balanced team of highly qualified and experienced Medical and Travel-hospitality professionals who take personal care and pride in providing their best services to you. The Medical Team is headed by Dr. Kenya Numan MD, who is a graduate of UCSF School of Medicine, S.F., CA, US; and winner of the Medical Degree award 1984. She has taught numerous medical students, interns, resident, physician assistants, and nursing staff and continues to teach health care workers. She is a Member of the Sinkler-Miller Medical Society and the American Medical Women's Association.

Dr. Numan also serves as the Alameda County, California, Public Health Commissioner. She is active in charitable and humanitarian Medical projects in Asia, Africa and in South America. Dr. Numan travels to countries like Haiti, Tanzania, Peru and India several time in a year, as a volunteer group leader to provide Free health care to the needy. She has an excellent team of Doctors in her team, managed by Regional Medical Directors like Dr. Tom Heliotis MD, Dr. Amanda Chavez MD, Dr. Randall Sissam MD and many more committed doctors and health care professionals of our team, all across the globe.


SurgeryPlanet has pioneered, developed and implemented a break through Hospital-Client Data Management system, "eCarePlanet", designed and built specifically for Overseas Medical Care Facilitation. This technology is highly effective to manage and coordinate between multiple agencies, hospitals and doctor network, upload information from all user points, schedule appointments, surgeries, and efficiently and accurately manage and track client information, etc. Our customers and doctors can communicate through this secure portal and network with all those who are needed and involved in the process. The innovative and effective design and use of technology to provide accurate and timely information at real time helps us be the forerunner in this industry.

This innovative technology enhances the quality of patient care, raising the standards of the Medical Tourism industry. SurgeryPlanet will be providing access to this eCarePlanet online management system, for exclusive use by their Network Hospitals and Registered customers only.

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