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  • We at SurgeryPlanet are a highly motivated and dedicated team with a strong belief and conviction that our organization, its efforts, work and services make an enormous difference in the quality of life of our clients, their families, and communities. We work relentlessly with a vision to effectively contribute to society in creating systems and services that provide quality Health Care options to every human being at affordable costs. With SurgeryPlanet, you are not alone when you travel to get treatment in an overseas hospital; we are always assisting you and guiding you throughout the process and will be your host at the destination.
  • We at SurgeryPlanet are committed to provide the most comprehensive, ethical, value added and highest quality overseas medical facilitation services, at the lowest cost. These services are individually tailored to make the most selective of clients comfortable, healthy and fully satisfied with the entire process.
  • We at SurgeryPlanet are committed to promote the availability of Health Care services to those who cannot afford the high cost of treatments by subsidizing the cost of services with financing options. We are an environmentally conscious, ethical and responsible organization and believe strongly in honesty, equality and fairness to our customers and employees.
  • To provide high quality, affordable Health Care facilitation services to customers worldwide.
  • To serve the customers and hospitals as an effective medium in facilitating high quality Health Care service delivery to patients.
  • To provide patients with simple, effective and easy means to find the best hospitals for their procedures, provide competitive cost quotes and to assist them in coordinating their entire medical care arrangements, including doctor/hospital bookings, travel, hotel, financing, insurance and also local assistance at destination.
  • To provide information and guidance to the patients before and during their medical travel and assist in protecting the customers interests.
  • To provide secure, stable and easy online tools to communicate, maintain and transact with customers and also Health Care providers.
  • To create and maintain systems to track, analyze and improve the quality of Health Care facilitation to customers.
  • To maintain high standards in overseas Health Care facilitation by selecting the best, high quality hospitals and providers only into the SurgeryPlanet Network.
  • To continuously improve and strive to create systems and processes that will improve the quality of Health Care facilitation.
  • To maintain our current 100% customer satisfaction rate with customers and providers.