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Buttocks Lift

The butt lift cosmetic surgery is done to enhance and balance the contours and appearance of the body. Individuals who want to add fullness to their buttocks area or a muscular look or people who have undergone weight loss or reduction and have good amount loose skin around are good candidates for butt lift.


The techniques adapted to this surgery are as follows:

  • Implanting solid or semi-solid implants under the upper butt muscles to enhance the contours of the butt region Micro fat grafting (fat from other areas of the body are sourced via liposuction and grafted into the buttocks)

Butt lift surgery that utilizes implants can lift and enhance the features of the buttock region. An incision two to three inches long is made in the crease between the butt cheeks. An implant, typically made of elastomer, is inserted into the upper portions of the buttocks between the muscle (gluteus maximus) and the fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds the muscle). The space for the implant is made to the exact size as the implant itself, which minimizes the risk of shift in position.

  • The second type of butt lift cosmetic surgery involves taking fat from a different region of the body, often the abdominal area, the upper thigh area, the arms, or the back and micro grafting it into the buttocks area

In order for this procedure to be possible, the person undergoing this surgery should have enough fat in other parts of the body that can be used. Fat is gently extracted from the host area using liposuction equipment. Fat particles are purified and then inserted into the layers of the buttocks. This is done through a very small incision which would around 1/8th of an inch in width. The fat cells are then uniformly distributed ensuring that they will have ample blood supply to keep them alive.

In certain cases the surgeon will cut across the top of the buttocks depending on the extent of the operation, sometimes along the sides as well. Crescent shaped sections of skin and fat are removed and the skin is pulled together and sewn.

  • Buttock lifts can also be performed using 'suture' or 'threadlift' techniques. This involves the placement of sutures or threads with tiny 'teeth' into the brow through a small insertion. The threads are pulled upwards and secured and the insertion is stitched shut

Butt lift cosmetic surgery is a relatively safe and simple procedure that can give the buttocks region a more visually pleasing and younger appearance.

This type of procedure typically takes three to six hours. It is usually performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis.


The total healing time for most buttock lifts is usually four to six months and if all goes well bruising and swelling usually subsides within a month.


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